About Public Market

"Public Market" (PM): a concept I have implemented in this domain. As common generic software, the PM concept is a rich local directory system like Craigslist with this story:

  • Design for later realization of my Token Economy concept, applicable to then live infrastructure.
  • An application of C-六¹ used my sameboad shopify project.
  • In addition to the core drupal roles of anonymous, authenticated, and administrator, PM defines these roles:
  1. customer (from Commerce) this is essentially the drupal authenticated role plus DS base authentication.
  2. merchant (implied by Commerce) this is an operator of a Store
  3. and peer. System design targets this role, assumed to be an operator of an instance of the system.
When Generally Available (GA) at Shopify, log in with 'peer' as RoleAuth if authenticated in my domains. Ultimately PM is intended to be a global directory like Craigslist but less US centric, decentralized, and with rich e-commerce support.

¹ In this context only the Shopify D7 distribution, .
² Largely = administrator, which has a very few permissions the peer does not (without assuming explicitly) .