About Public Market

"Public Market" (PM): a concept I have implemented with this domain. As common generic software, the PM software, embodied in this reference instance, is just a mechanism to implement a Public Market via its' applications and based on these features:

  • A realization of my Token Economy concept, applicable as the practical e-commerce software above.
  • An application of C-六¹ and my DS project.
  • In addition to the core drupal roles of anonymous, authenticated, and administrator, PM defines these roles:
  1. customer (from Commerce) this is essentially the drupal authenticated role plus DS base authentication.
  2. merchant (implied by Commerce) this is an operator of a Store
  3. and peer. System design targets this role, assumed to be an operator of an instance of the system.
Of course there's a bit more to it than that. Log in with supplied peer roleid for complete access to the generic backend as it may be applied to your biz case or visit the model app, the Public Job Shop, used to present and ultimately vend a general jobbing venue.

¹ An distribution of core drupal 7/8 and my curated module set with focus for use in my domain service but usable standalone, .
² Largely the same as administrator, the latter has a very few permissions which the peer does not (without assuming explicitly) for the overall integrity of the system.